Woppy and Friends

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Woppy and Friends Free Download features new content on Scott’s famous game. Players find a way to survive in the small room and escape the animatronics.

Woppy and Friends Download is a great horror game by RobinTharsGames. The game offers many attractions and a unique storyline. If you love Scott’s series, then you’ll love this game.

Players must survive for many nights, and you are not alone.

Get the game and start a new horror dream!

An overview of the game

RobinTharsGames is the creator of the game. The game is 45MB in size. The game was officially released in August 2019.

You can download the game for free right here or on gamejolt.

Check out the awesomeness of the game below!


Woppy and Friends has many new features, including:

  • The game has a unique storyline. The game has no connection to Phill’s Pizza Plaza or Scott’s universe.
  • The game has familiar point-to-click mechanics. Players use the camera system to observe and escape dangerous animatronics.
  • The game has a significant improvement with Animation, Environment, Encoding, and Sound Effects.
  • The game offers unique animatronics and intelligent AI.


In short, if you like FNaF fan games, then give this game a try!


Author: Rotas  @RobinTharsGames

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