Ultimate Custom Night

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Ultimate Custom Night Free Download will bring you a lot of choices. And each choice we have in this game will lead you back to Ultimate Custom Night, free and scary!

Ultimate Custom Night is a horror game that allows you to explore your nightmare. There will be more than 5 nights for you to play in the game.

Come with us and see what this game can bring you in the new update of it.

New level for players:

In the old game, you only had five nights and a few levels to play. But this time, you will have more playable things.

New machines:

There will be more than 50 monsters for you to fight with. And each monster will change your mind about the horror world. These monsters will be selectable. But you will need to take part in the custom mode.

A new level of the game:

Ultimate Custom Night brings you 20 levels to choose from. And each level will send you into real trouble. You need to face them all if you want to live in this game.

Other new things:

There will be a mini-game and mini-challenge coming to you. Each challenge will send you back to the original game. Also, the mini-game will be a good way for you to know better about the game.

You can make your choice on skins for your office. But these skins need to be unlocked first. Five Nights at Freddy’s games allow you to buy all the skins from the main store.


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Ultimate Custom Night
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