Twisted Reality: Origins APK for Android

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Twisted Reality: Origins APK for Android Free Download brings horror moments on smartphones. You can enjoy the game anywhere, anytime. Ready for the new night!

Twisted Reality: Origins APK for Android is one of the great horror games on smartphones. The game is a continuation of the first version. The competition took place in 1989, and you will discover painful truths about animatronics.

Download the game and start a new dream!

An overview of the game

Panpaii is the creator of the game. The game is 173MB in size. The game was officially released in August 2019.

You can download the game for free right here or on game jolt.

Check out the awesomeness of the game below!


Twisted Reality: Origins APK has many new features, including:

  • The game features amazing music by Eric Matyas, realistic sound effects from the free sound.
  • Characters have authentic voices spoken by voice actors, including HarveyB, Tarrelion, KittyFazcat.
  • The game has the familiar gameplay of Scott. Players must survive for many nights of horror.
  • The game has familiar tools, including a camera system, PC. Get ready to face the classic jumpscare.
  • The game has excellent 3D graphics.


In short, the game provides a complete explanation for the first version.

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Author: Panpaii @Panpaii

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Twisted Reality: Origins - Android version
Twisted Reality: Origins
Twisted Reality: Origins - IOS version
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