Those Nights at Rachel’s

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Those Nights at Rachel’s Free Download will bring you a new job. And this job will bring new experience and also new features. Those Nights at Rachel’s are open for you.

Those Nights at Rachel’s for PC is about you and some machines. You will have this job from the manager, and he will tell you what you need to do.

This job is simple; all you need will be to fix all the machines before the reopening. And you will also need to make sure there will be no one who can enter this place and break the machines. This one job will take you a lot of time to learn.

Those Nights at Rachel’s

This game will lead you to an old restaurant. This place used to serve a hundred people each day. And the special thing about it will be there are no humans here.

We serve our customers by machines, and they are very friendly too. You will have your chance to meet them, and fixing them will be your mission.

In this game, you can custom your machines and add anything you want to them. That will be the way for you to have your own fear.

We have some new characters for you, and they come with new sounds, voices, and skins too.

Those Nights at Rachel’s download

This will be free for your PC and Mobile. You can download the game right from the main page.

This game can be updated for more features and helps. Jump in and try it now!


Upload by: Nikson.  @Nikson_Official

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Those Nights at Rachel's | Normal Game
Those Nights at Rachel's | Hard Edition
Those Nights at Rachel's | DEMO
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