The Joy of Creation: Story Mode

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The Joy of Creation: Story Mode Free Download will give you a chance to play along with the story. There will be some detail you never have your time to see in Fnaf fan games.

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is a horror game. This is a normal horror five-night battle. But with the update that we gave to this game. There will be more for you to explore and join.

The story and game mode:

Scott Cawthon will be your name in this game. And you will battle for your life along with your family. They will help you to get rid of all machines and monsters that are trying to hurt you.

There will be 5 levels for you to join in the gameplay. Each level will bring you a new challenge. So you need to make sure that you can play from the beginning to know better about the story. Don’t skip anything!

New changes:

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode will send you music, songs, mode, and some fear. We also have a custom mode for this game even when it doesn’t have that many monsters for you to play with.

In this game version, you will have time to read a story. And this story will allow you to know better about any monsters here.

Fnaf fan games will bring you some tasks to do. When you complete them all, that will be the moment when you need to face your final boss.

This is a free and safe game for you!


Upload by: Nikson.  @Nikson_Official

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The Joy of Creation: Story Mode
The Joy of Creation: Reborn
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