Tales of the Minecraft [Undertale AU]

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Tales of the Minecraft [Undertale AU] Free Download is the perfect combination between Toby Fox and Mojang Studios. The game offers a strange and magical universe.

Tales of the Minecraft Download is a game in the RPG genre. You will find many exciting features of the game.

The game offers a strange AU universe. The world of the game is a perfect combination of Toby Fox and Mojang Studios.

The game offers an exciting indie option. Download the game and get ready for an exciting universe of cube worlds!

An overview of the game

Tales of the Minecraft [Undertale AU] belongs to YellowFire. The game is 29MB in size. The game was officially released in August 2019.

You can download the game for free right here or on gamejolt.

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Tales of the Minecraft [Undertale AU] Download brings many new features, including:

  • Players enter a strange universe. The game has a fascinating storyline.
  • You can use tools including the sword, shovel, bow and arrow.
  • You will face powerful and ferocious monsters.
  • The game has many meaningful and exciting dialogues.
  • The game supports RUS and ENG languages.


In short, the game offers a great connection.

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Author: YellowFire @YellowFire

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