Security Breach: Fury’s Rage

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Security Breach: Fury’s Rage Free Download will be that action game you need to try. This game will allow you to explore the secrets of your beach and FNAF world too.

Security Breach: Fury’s Rage for PC is an action and horror game. Your job in this game will be to fight and kill all the monsters that try to destroy your beach.

Game info:

The game will limit the number of players and characters you can have inside it. There will be:

  • Freddy
  • Monty
  • Roxanne
  • Chica

They all have their skill and ability. You need to know all their skills to make it easier to fight in a team when coming to the battle.

There will be some instructions in the first match for you. That will allow you to know better about these characters and also their world.

Security Breach: Fury’s Rage:

This version of the game will be about you and your fight against some monsters. These monsters will try to destroy all your peace and work.

There will be nothing you can do but fight them and defeat their bosses. This game also allows you to play alone or play in a team. The difficulty will change depending on the number of players in your game.

We have one tip for you in this game, and that will be charging your energy. FNAF allows you to do some special skills, and you need to charge them first. Once your skill is ready, perform it and download all your enemies.


Upload by: realscawthon  @realscawthon

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Security Breach: Fury's Rage
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