Rejected Custom Night 2 APK for Android

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Rejected Custom Night 2 APK for Android Free Download offers a great collection of animatronic, Office Interface, and Cut Scenes. Let’s enjoy lots of fun!

Rejected Custom Night 2 APK for Android is a great fan game. The game gets a lot of attention on gamejolt, and you can enjoy it right on your smartphone.

Download the game and enjoy the variety of KamilFirma

An overview of the game

KamilFirma has spent a lot of time on this fantastic game. The game is entirely free, and anyone can download it to a smartphone.

The game runs stably on most smartphones today. You will love the variety and many new features of the game.

The game offers the most complete and complete AU version of Scott!


Rejected Custom Night 2 APK for Android has many new features, including:

  • The game is based on inspiration from Ultimate Custom Night.
  • The game is a new and unique universe. You will see fantastic animatronics not owned by Scott.
  • The game has data contributions from dozens of different programmers.


In short, the game offers an excellent and varied collection of the FNAF APK for Android.


Author:KamilFirma @KamilFirma

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