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PYRO-ILLUSION Free Download gives you monsters, and your job will be to fight with them. PYRO-ILLUSION can send you a story, and this story will be what you need to read.

PYRO-ILLUSION is an entirely horror game, and your job in this game will be to defeat all the monsters. They will all try to kill you right when you enter this place.

About the mode that this game has, we send you the Extra mode and the Custom mode. These two modes will allow you to have more fun with the monsters.


Everything starts when you enter this place and get the new job at the new night guard. All you know is the manager allows you to stay in this place for the whole week. This seems like a good job when you have a place to stay and a place to work.

But anything not that easy for your duty in this restaurant. You will need to check and fix all the machines here. They used to be the stars of the show, and they will be your friend. And that is what the manager said to you.


There will be nothing but a good online connection to download this game. We shall bring you more features through the update.

In the next version of this game, we will bring you more funny modes and features. There might be something you like.

Have fun with the game, and send us a comment if you have new ideas for it.


Upload by: ddemkoo  @ddemkoo

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