OverNight – A FREE ROAM

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OverNight – A FREE ROAM Free Download brings a new nightmare to Scott’s fans. Players move freely around the map and face familiar animatronics.

OverNight – A FREE ROAM download is an excellent game for young programmers. The game gives a lot of inspiration to Scott’s fans. The game has a mysterious story and familiar points of Scott.

An overview of the game

Cbgames is the creator of the game. The game is 270MB in size. The game was officially released on January 1, 2016.

You can download the game for free right here or on gamejolt.

Check out the awesomeness of the game below!


OverNight – A FREE ROAM has many new features, including:

  • TheEmoFoxCat has delivered unique 2D Designs, including Game over Screens.
  • Players can move freely on the new nights. Therefore, you will have many wonderful and exhilarating horror experiences.
  • The game features familiar animatronics, including Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Freddy. Each animatronic is unique and has its way of acting.
  • If you have a standard PC, then you choose Simple mode for the smoothest experience.
  • The game has attractive 3D graphics and impressive sound.


In short, the game is an excellent FNaF fan game.


Author: CBGames @cbgames

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