Kirby’s Dream Land Advance

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Kirby’s Dream Land Advance Free Download brings a new adventure of the pink ball. King Dedede is the game’s unique villain. The game offers an exciting journey.

Kirby’s Dream Land Advance Download is a great indie game.

The game is inspired by the original GBA game on the Game Boy.

Players control your favourite pink ball, and overcome dozens of exciting challenges.

Download the game and defeat King Dedede’s evil plan!

An overview of the game

Kirby’s Dream Land Advance belongs to Galaxamy. The game is about 12MB in size. The game was officially released in June 2016.

You can download the game for free right here or on gamejolt.

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Kirby’s Dream Land Advance Download has many new features, including:

  • Players must overcome five unique stages and dozens of extraordinary challenges.
  • Players must defeat the mischievous King Dedede to protect the peace of the kingdom.
  • The game has the classic spirit of the legendary Gameboy versions.
  • The game has a simple gameplay and linear gameplay.


In short, the game is one of the fun experiences in the arcade genre.

Check out Fan games and defeat the mischievous King Dedede!


Author: Galaxamy @Galaxamy

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