Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated

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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated Free Download will save some jump scares for you. If you stay in this Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated, nightmare will always be there.

Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated is a scary and straightforward game. In this game, you will face Thomas. He is actually a train. And his job will be giving you the fear you’ve been looking for.

At night, this train will ride around your office. And when you lose all your attention to him. He will appear and give you a big surprise!

Otherwise, your mission will be to make sure the monsters of this game stay away from you. If They get too close, you need to use the gear you have to fight with them.

Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated

There will be some missions for you to complete in this game. And there also will be some tips you can use to beat the train:

  • Stay in your office and close the door when you hear any sound.
  • Use the flashlight to find your way out of this place.
  • Turn your bright light up. This will give you a good vision when the night comes.

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Five Nights at Thomas's: Dehydrated
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