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Computech Free Download brings a sense of horror and gloom. Players must find a way out of the summer nightmares. The animatronics are waiting for you.

Computech Download is a great horror game.

The game takes place at the end of summer. You feel hopeless when looking for work at local businesses.

You use your brand new PC to find exciting jobs on the internet. You feel lucky to receive a new email, and you will have a new job in a strange location.

Download the game and start a new story!

An overview of the game

The game belongs to ilverTSlates. The game is 86 MB in size. The game was officially released in August 2021.

You can download the game for free right here or on gamejolt.

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Computech has many new features, including:

  • The game has high-quality 3D graphics and vivid sound.
  • The game has much interesting animatronics and scary jumpscare. It would help if you prepared mentally for the long nights of the game.
  • The game uses a point-to-click system, and you will have to overcome many complex challenges.
  • The game is based on great gameplay of Scott.


In short, the game is an excellent choice if you love the legendary FNAF series.

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Author: Silver T. @SilverTSlates

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